The Ratiwennókwas Project

Ratiwennókwas translates to “they are pulling the words from the water.”

Since 2013, TTO has been conducting documentation activities involving First Language Kanyen’kéha Speakers. This rich data will be used to develop curriculum suitable for any level of language learner. This research is vitally important to a community such as Tyendinaga Mohawk Territory, where there are no mother tongue speakers. The Ratiwennókwas Knowledge Collection is a living resource, and we will continue to add to this page as work is completed.

We are immensely grateful to the K1 and K2 speakers who have contributed to this project and we dedicate this page to all Ratiwennókwas participants through the years. The data gathered here is intended for the enjoyment and use of Kanyen’kéha learners for generations to come.